Savings & Club Accounts

Savings & Club accounts offer a safe place for you to put away a little something for a rainy day. Watch your savings grow at a competitive rate while enjoying the benefit of knowing that your finances are secure.

Savings and Club Accounts

Share Savings

JM Associates Federal Credit Union offers a traditional savings account that pays a competitive dividend. A minimum balance of $5 is required and the dividend is paid on accounts with an average daily balance of $100 or more. Dividends are paid monthly. Also, there is no monthly service fee.

Deposits can be made at a branch office, by remote deposit with your smart phone by mail or by signing up for payroll deduction or direct deposit. Withdrawals can be made at our offices or by phone. Telephone withdrawal requests are processed and mailed the same day.

This account may be opened by an individual or jointly with another person. A joint account is Joint Tenant with Right of Survivorship, which means that the account passes entirely to the joint owner upon death, and not to the estate.

Super Savings

“Super” is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “of great value, excellence, or superiority.” That describes the Super Savings account. This account pays the highest dividend of any of JMAFCU’s liquid accounts. Your funds are available at any time with up to three (3) withdrawals per month and three (3) transfers at no charge. You need only maintain a $2,500 minimum balance to preserve your Super Savings account.

Dividends are paid to this account monthly.

Visa CheckCard holders may request access to their Super Savings account from an ATM. Contact your local credit union office to set it up.

Youth Savers

For members ages birth to 15

Help your kids make the leap from piggy banks to shareholders!

  • Dividend bearing first account designed to start the habit of saving
  • Membership Fee waived

Smart Savers

For members ages 15

Emphasizes teaching teenagers the importance of saving and the basics of wise money management. Online banking helps teens monitor and manage finances.


  • Dividend bearing Share Savings account*
  • eChecking account
  • $25 15th Birthday deposit certificate with eChecking account opening
  • Visa® CheckCard

*$100 minimum balance required to earn dividends

Term Share Certificates

With a minimum investment of $1,000.00, Term Share Certificates are available in terms of six months up to five years. Here are some of the features:

  • Certificates earn higher dividends than share savings.
  • Affordable minimum investment.
  • May be renewed automatically at the end of term at the current certificate rate.
  • May also be used as collateral for a low-interest Share Certificate loan.

Christmas Club Accounts

JM Associates Federal Credit Union Christmas Club account is designed for members who want to save throughout the year for the expenses of the December holiday season. A Christmas Club account can be opened at any time of the year. You, the member, decide on the deposit amount. Payroll deduction is available if you would like periodic deposits to be automatically deducted from your paycheck and directly deposited into your Christmas Club account.

Dividends are paid monthly.

The balance of the account is delivered to the member November 1st when automatic transfers are made to the member's chosen JMAFCU checking or savings account.

There is a $5.00 fee for withdrawals made prior to November 1st.


Looking for a way to save for a special need or event? Our Stow-Away account is the answer! With no minimum balance required and no monthly fee, the Stow-Away account allows you to keep funds separate from regular savings and even allows 1 withdrawal per month. There is a $5.00 fee per withdrawal after 1 per month.

Use a Stow-Away account to save for vacation, a new PC, an anniversary gift, a car for the teenager or any other reason you can think of to save.

Dividends paid monthly.