eChecking, our newest checking product, offers the same features as regular checking (no monthly fee, per check charge or minimum balance requirement) along with the added benefit of the Visa® CheckCard. The Visa CheckCard can be used where ever Visa credit cards are accepted but will deduct funds from your available checking account balance. Your Visa CheckCard may be used anywhere that displays the Visa logo and can also be used at ATM machines for cash withdrawals (like an ATM card). An optional overdraft protection loan is also available with the eChecking account. eChecking also gives you access to SAFE IB, our home banking product. For more information on SAFE IB see our page under eServices.

Come in and let the eChecking account give you checking power with credit card clout.

Making the Most of Your JMAFCU Visa® CheckCard

The promises that debit/check cards offered were that they would simplify our lives. In most cases they have made making purchases faster than writing checks and have eliminated the need to carry large amounts of cash; however one question continues to confuse consumers at registers worldwide, credit or debit? Should we use our PIN or sign for transactions at retail outlets, gas stations and grocery stores? To add to the confusion, the answer to the question of PIN vs. Signature also depends on who you ask. JMAFCU suggests that you only use your PIN when you need cash back from a transaction or when getting cash from an ATM.

When you are using your Visa CheckCard to make purchases, tell the merchant that your transaction is a credit transaction. The transaction will still be charged to your eChecking account. Merchants will try to encourage you to use your PIN whenever you use your CheckCard because they are then passing the cost of processing that transaction over to the consumer. In addition, it is always safer to receive cash back from a merchant than from a free standing ATM.